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Stream PETA Videos on Your Web Page

Most people will never step foot inside a blood-drenched slaughterhouse or visit a fur farm, but videos provide a way to expose them to the suffering that occurs in these places every minute of every day. PETA offers a variety of videos—covering every issue—and they’re yours to use for free! Streaming PETA videos on your personal Web page or online profile will spread compassion for animals and educate others about these important issues.

Whether you would like to spread the word about the importance of spaying and neutering with “The Talk” or expose everyone to the horrors of factory farming with “Meet Your Meat,” you can choose below from a number of videos covering different animal rights issues.

Get started now by choosing the video that you want from the player, clicking on the “get code” icon, and pasting the generated code onto your Web page or online profile. Presto! Everyone who visits your page will now be able to view the PETA video that you have selected.