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5 Ways to Get Active on Facebook

1. Like PETA on Facebook

Like us on Facebook, and you, along with the other 2.2 million people who’ve liked our page, will receive campaign updates, urgent alerts, and striking pictures that you can share with your friends.

2. Share PETA’s Posts

With the wealth of information that we post on our Facebook page, there’s bound to be something that speaks to you—and your friends! When a PETA post inspires you, share it!


3. Share Pages From is chockfull of information about animal issues, ways to take action, and the latest breaking news. Share some of our most popular pages now:

4. Tag PETA in Your Posts About Animals

When you write your own posts about animal issues, tag PETA! That way, if your friends want to find out more about ways that they can help animals, they can click over to our page.

5. Get Involved in the Conversation

At any time, you can hop over to PETA’s Facebook page and get involved in a multitude of spirited discussions about animals in the comments section below our posts. Contributing in the comments helps the information spread even further. So go ahead—get in there, and politely let people know that animals deserve our respect!

Inspired to help animals?