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5 Spook-tacular Ways to Help Animals This Halloween

Scary costumes and tasty treats will always be a part of Halloween. This year, let’s add activism to the tradition! Check out these five easy ways to help animals and still have a scream of a time:

1. Make a statement with your costume. Dress up as a sinister butcher, a creepy Colonel Sanders, an evil Ronald McDonald, or a declawed kitty cat (and be sure to keep leaflets handy!).

2. Be sure to pass out treats that are vegan. 

Packs on packs on packs.

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3. Attach adorable tags to the treats that you hand out.

4. Host a spooky Halloween party and, of course, keep all the food flesh-free.

5. Share the ultimate horror movie, “Face Your Food,” on Facebook and Twitter.

Now, go have a spooktacular time! Mwahahaha!

Inspired to help animals?