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Meet the Outreach Coordinators

Outreach coordinators work closely with activists throughout North America to support their activism work and engage them on PETA campaigns—whether it is planning a demonstration, brainstorming the next step in a local campaign, or acting as spokespeople for the organization. Coordinators can help you make the biggest possible impact for animals when you’re ready to hit the streets to protest.

Click here to see who is the outreach coordinator for your region and contact an outreach coordinator to see where you can join a protest today!

Eric Deardorff

There are so many great memories, but the best ones involve tabling all day while showing regular people videos of how animals are treated and seeing them change on the spot. You can see them change right before your eyes! Read more.

Daniel Carron

daniel-carronI am an activist first and foremost, so I love working with other activists to make the world a better place for animals. Read more.

Kimberly Spiegel

kimberlyspiegelNot many people can say they are living their dream job, but I definitely am and feel grateful every day that I come to work and get to help animals. Read more.

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