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URGENT: Squirrels Trapped, Cruelly Dumped by Denver Community

Concerned residents of Kentucky Circle Village, a senior living community in Denver, alerted PETA upon hearing that management was trapping local squirrels and relocating them five or more miles away—and “with PETA’s approval.” Nothing could be further from the truth! Squirrels transplanted beyond a one-mile radius (of where they’re trapped) have trouble finding adequate sustenance and often fall victim to predators, foreign disease and parasites, and territorial maulings by other squirrels. These initiatives also leave unweaned babies to starve when mothers are removed. We expressed our concerns to the community’s executive director, only to be informed that trapping is underway and several squirrels have already been dumped more than 10 miles away! Despite offering our assistance with effective, humane squirrel-control methods, we were hung up on. Now your voice is needed!

Please politely urge Kentucky Circle Village to halt cruel squirrel trapping before more animals suffer—and then forward this message widely!

Polite comments can be directed to:

Ann Lane
Executive Director
Kentucky Circle Village

Walter Rowell
President of the Board
Senior Homes of Colorado Foundation/Kentucky Circle Village

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