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URGENT: Goldfish Need Your Voice!

Hoping to draw in customers, several restaurants and bars in the U.S. are holding weekly “goldfish races”—events during which patrons armed with bottles or water guns squirt goldfish down the length of plastic gutters. Making matters worse are reports that drunken patrons have impaled some fish with cocktail straws and have swallowed others alive. We’ve asked these establishments to replace the cruel events with alternatives, to no avail. We need your help now!

Fish are complex beings who have personalities, communicate with each other, form bonds, and even grieve when family members and companions die. Being handled and subjected to loud noises and bright lights is a terrifying ordeal for such tiny, defenseless animals who have no opportunity to escape and who are viewed by the bar managers as expendable commodities.

Please join us in urging the following establishments to cancel these weekly events and replace them with activities that do not cause harm.

Send polite comments to:

Schulyer Holes
Seattle, Washington

The Fillin Station Grille
Southaven, Mississippi
662-510-5423 (e-mail form)

Kristie Gadino
Sol Cantina
Kansas City, Missouri

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