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Urge Michigan Horse-Racing Track to Forgo Cruel Trapping!

Hazel Park Harness Raceway in Hazel Park, Michigan, has reportedly set out body-gripping traps, apparently in an effort to kill groundhogs. These devices are exceptionally cruel, inflicting immense suffering while terrified victims die of slow suffocation. Such traps are also indiscriminate, posing risks to “nontarget” animals, including protected wildlife species and even companion animals. In fact, we’re told that a kitten was recently caught and gruesomely killed [graphic photo] in a trap at this facility. PETA urged Hazel Park Harness Raceway to remove all such traps that may be set on its property, but to no apparent avail. Your voice is needed!

Please contact raceway officials and urge them to forgo cruel trapping and instead employ humane and effective wildlife deterrent measures.

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