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Urge South Carolina Energy Company to Stop Poisoning Birds!

South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G) reportedly uses Avitrol to kill pigeons and other birds at its McKeekin Station Plant. Avitrol is a notorious poison that causes disorientation, convulsions, and a slow, agonizing death. Pest-control companies tell clients that Avitrol only “scares birds away,” but this is patently untrue. And dogs, cats, and nontarget wildlife can also die after consuming the bodies of poisoned birds.

Furthermore, lethal methods don’t work to keep birds away. More animals come in from surrounding areas to use available resources, and a spike in the food supply results, prompting accelerated breeding among survivors and newcomers. In the end, populations actually increase! What results is a vicious killing cycle in which countless animals suffer and die needlessly.

Please politely urge SCE&G officials to stop poisoning birds and to stick with humane and effective bird-control methods instead.

Please send polite comments to:

Stephen A. Byrne
Chief Operating Officer
South Carolina Electric & Gas Company

Richard Salley
McKeekin Station Plant Manager
South Carolina Electric & Gas Company

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