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Urge Dubai’s Government to Keep SeaWorld Out!

orca at Seaworld

Since the release of the critically acclaimed documentary Blackfish, SeaWorld's sordid history of animal abuse, inhumane marine-mammal shows, and trainer attacks has been exposed to the public—and SeaWorld has been devastated financially. Dozens of corporate partners—including Hyundai Motor America, JetBlue, STA Travel, Taco Bell, Southwest Airlines, and Mattel—have severed ties with the company, and celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Aaron Paul, and One Direction's Harry Styles have spoken out against the sea circus. Four large marine mammals recently died within just four months, and seven high-ranking executives (including SeaWorld's CEO) have left the embattled company since 2015. SeaWorld has since announced an end to its cruel and reckless orca-breeding program, but this does nothing for the orcas, bottlenose dolphins, or other animals already languishing in the marine park's tiny tanks.

As its business fails in the United States, SeaWorld wants to take its abusement park to Dubai, a tourist destination known for innovative and exciting architecture, luxury shopping, and beautiful beaches—not animal abuse.

Please urge the government of Dubai not to taint its reputation by allowing this hideous company, which is condemned around the world, to set up shop—unless SeaWorld ends the use of all animals and moves those currently in captivity to seaside sanctuaries, where they could finally enjoy some semblance of a natural life.

Help orcas!
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