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Urge California Country Club to End Cruel Tradition!

Menlo Circus Club, a country club in Atherton, California, apparently holds an annual Fourth of July “Goldfish Scramble,” during which thousands of goldfish are dumped into a swimming pool and children are encouraged to jump in and attempt to catch them. Noted experts agree that fish are highly sentient, complex animals who have the same capacity to feel pain, fear, and stress as all animals have. Being thrown into a swimming pool with frantic children would obviously be a terrifying ordeal for fish, and fish used in such events would eventually die from asphyxiation because the chlorinated water would destroy their gills. And because fish can transmit bacteria such as E. coli, the risks go both ways. We need your voice now!

Please urge Menlo Circus Club to end this barbaric tradition, and then forward this alert far and wide!

Polite comments can be sent to:

Christian Thon, General Manager
Menlo Circus Club
190 Park Ln.
Atherton, CA 94027
650-322-4616, ext. 215

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