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Speak Out Against Groundhog Torture in Newburgh!


The city of Newburgh, New York, is reportedly considering hiring a contractor to massacre groundhogs near Washington Lake, and Conibear traps may be used. The use of these devices (also known as body-gripping traps) is exceedingly cruel, causing victims to suffer immense terror and pain as they are slowly crushed or suffocated to death. These traps are also indiscriminate, posing risks to protected wildlife and companion animals—and even to passersby, including children. PETA asked the Newburgh City Council to take body-gripping traps and other cruel lethal methods off the table, but we’ve received no assurance that this will happen. Your voice is needed!

Please take a moment to send a polite note to the members of the Newburgh City Council urging them to forgo lethal methods in favor of humane repellents, deterrents, and exclusion measures that everyone, including the animals, can live with. Then forward this alert widely!

Please send polite comments to:

Mayor Judy Kennedy

Genie Abrams
Newburgh City Council

Regina Angelo
Newburgh City Council

Cedric Brown
Newburgh City Council

Gay Lee
Newburgh City Council

Karen Mejia
Newburgh City Council

James Slaughter
Newburgh City Council

Please feel free to use our sample letter, but remember that using your own words is always more effective.


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