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Speak Out Against Goldfish Giveaways!

Multistate carnival provider Deshler Amusements, Inc., routinely gives away goldfish as booth prizes, and these animals need your help now! When kept in captivity, fish require a sizable tank, climate control and filtration, regular cleaning of aquariums, and ample enrichment. Most “prize” winners are hardly prepared for such a commitment, and the animals fare badly as a result. Experts agree that fish are complex, sentient beings capable of great suffering, and they deserve better than to be doled out as trinkets.

Please join PETA in urging Deshler Amusements, Inc., to implement a policy against ALL animal giveaways—then forward this alert far and wide!

Please call and send polite comments to:

Richard and Carolyn Deshler, Owners
Deshler Amusements, Inc.
[email protected]