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Urge Pennsylvania Roadside Zoo to Retire Bears to a Reputable Sanctuary

bear at Pymatuning Deer Park

In Jamestown, Pennsylvania, a roadside zoo called Pymatuning Deer Park is hell for animals—including two adult bears, one male and one female, who have been relegated to a virtually barren concrete pit. Earlier this year, PETA witnessed the female bear struggling to walk and alerted the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to her condition. The USDA inspected Pymatuning and, among a litany of Animal Welfare Act violations, confirmed that the facility had allowed the bear to suffer in pain from clearly debilitating arthritis without ever notifying a veterinarian. The USDA also cited Pymatuning for confining the bears to a concrete pit, noting that the pit didn't allow the bears to move freely and that the concrete likely caused and was exacerbating the female bear's arthritis. The USDA's most recent inspection of the roadside zoo found that the bears are continuing to languish in the pits and that the female bear still has a significant winter coat that she has not been able to shed properly since last year. It's time that these bears get the care and attention that they deserve at a reputable sanctuary.

Pymatuning was also recently cited by the USDA for failing to mention to a veterinarian that a 5-month-old bear cub was crying out and sucking on his paw for hours while his brother sucked on his ear, resulting in hair loss and posing a risk for ear infection. The USDA acknowledged that this abnormal sucking behavior "can be attributed to stress and how the cubs cope with stress." The agency also cited the roadside zoo for failing to provide the bears with natural bedding to nest in, failing to adequately clean one of the pits that had a build-up of algae and grime, and failing to clean one den since spring.

PETA has been tracking the chronic neglect of the bears and other animals at this roadside zoo for years. Pymatuning is one of the last facilities in the country to confine bears to cruel, antiquated concrete pits, where the animals have virtually nothing to do but beg for scraps of food from tourists.

bear at Pymatuning Deer Park

PETA has pledged to close every bear pit in the country and has rescued more than 40 bears from lives of deprivation in the past three years alone. Speak up today and urge Pymatuning to close its bear pits and surrender ALL of the bears it holds captive to a reputable sanctuary, where they can live out their days free from concrete, in a vast enclosure that is measured in acres rather than feet, and get the care that they desperately need.

Please feel free to use our sample letter, but remember that using your own words is always more effective.

Help bears!
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