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Action Alerts

Urge Air India to Keep Ban on Shipping Animals to Labs

Ask Air India to keep promise to protect animals by reinstating its ban on shipping animals to laboratories.

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Ask NIH to Stop Funding Cruel UW Experiment on Cats

Urge the National Institute of Health to STOP funding the mutilation and killing of cats.

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Urge Officials to Stop Bull-Torture Festival

Tradition is no excuse for cruelty. Speak out against the killing of bulls for “entertainment”.

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Help Stop Canada’s Military From Poisoning Pigs!

Help spare pigs from cruel chemical-casualty training right now by contacting Canadian military officials.

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Minnesota Wolves Still in Danger!

Ask Minnesota to halt all cruel bowhunting and trapping of wolves and explore methods that are humane.

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Urge LA Tech to Ditch Live-Animal Mascot Program After Second Tragedy

Urge Louisiana Tech to make the compassionate decision to discontinue live-animal mascot programs.

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Urge SeaWorld to End ‘Shamu Rocks’ Shows

Help orcas by writing to the president of SeaWorld San Diego and urging him to end the “Shamu Rocks” shows.

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Weak South Carolina Laws Let Convicted Hoarder Keep Cats–and Acquire Even More

Urge that convicted hoarders be prohibited from owning or possessing animals and be required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and recommended treatment.

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Tell the USDA Not to Let the Poultry Industry Police Itself ©

Tell the USDA Not to Let the Poultry Industry Police Itself

Tell the USDA not to remove federal inspectors from chicken and turkey slaughter lines.

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Cruelty Behind Cheese: Cattle Burned for Maker of Cabot

An investigation of a farm tied to the producer of Cabot cheese found that calves’ heads were burned and that cows were electro-shocked in the face.

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Tell CareerBuilder to Stop Exploiting Chimpanzees!

Urge CareerBuilder to follow the lead of other companies by agreeing to pull its ad campaign featuring chimpanzees.

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Urge the Topeka Zoo to Send Tembo and Sunda to a Sanctuary!

Please take a moment to speak up for Tembo and Sunda now by encouraging officials to make the compassionate decision to retire them to an appropriate sanctuary.

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Tell Bristol-Myers Squibb to Implement Non-Animal Tests

Be a voice for the animals suffering in Bristol-Myers Squibb laboratories.

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Tell bebe to Ditch Fur! ©

Tell bebe to Ditch Fur!

Tell bebe’s CEO to dump fur and let him know that you will not shop at bebe until all real fur is off the shelves.

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Ask Pennsylvania Property Owners’ Association to Halt Cruel Bowhunting!

Please urge Gold Key Lakes Community officials to halt all bowhunts.

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