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Action Alerts

Tell the USDA to Revoke License of Notorious Animal Abuser Hawthorn Corp.!

Urge the USDA to revoke Hawthorn’s license and permanently disqualify Cuneo and his employees and agents from obtaining a USDA license.

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Update! Glimcher Realty Trust Properties Will No Longer Host Pocket Pets!

Glimcher Realty Trust has made the compassionate decision to ban Pocket Pets!

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Tell The Ticket Clinic to Drop Its Cruel Chimpanzee Ad

Please send note to The Ticket Clinic and urge Mr. Gold to pull the company’s commercial featuring a chimpanzee and to never use great apes in future ads.

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Tell Phuket Zoo to Improve the Living Conditions of the Animals!

Please send an e-mail to the governor of Phuket Province and urge the zoo to stop bringing in new animals from the wild and to adopt better living conditions …

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Stop Air France From Shipping Monkeys to Their Deaths!

Air France continues to ship monkeys to laboratories, tell officials that you won’t be flying with the airline until it stops this cruel practice!

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Manila Zoo’s Mali the Elephant Needs Your Help

For more than 35 years, an elephant named Mali has been confined to a barren, concrete pen at the Manila Zoo. You can help give Mali the life she …

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Pigs Still Mutilated and Killed at University of Michigan

Please contact university officials and ask them to replace the use of pigs with human-patient simulators that are already available at U-M.

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Ask Governors to Ban Chaining During Storms Like Hurricane Sandy

Push for states to ban chaining during extreme weather conditions now!

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PETCO Program Sends Pet Turtles to Meat Farm

Tell PETCO to stop selling turtles to begin with, let alone recycling them back into the pet trade and/or doing business with a turtle meat factory farm!

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Urge Air India to Keep Ban on Shipping Animals to Labs

Ask Air India to keep promise to protect animals by reinstating its ban on shipping animals to laboratories.

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Ask NIH to Stop Funding Cruel UW Experiment on Cats

Urge the National Institute of Health to STOP funding the mutilation and killing of cats.

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Urge Officials to Stop Bull-Torture Festival

Tradition is no excuse for cruelty. Speak out against the killing of bulls for “entertainment”.

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Help Stop Canada’s Military From Poisoning Pigs!

Help spare pigs from cruel chemical-casualty training right now by contacting Canadian military officials.

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Minnesota Wolves Still in Danger!

Ask Minnesota to halt all cruel bowhunting and trapping of wolves and explore methods that are humane.

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Urge LA Tech to Ditch Live-Animal Mascot Program After Second Tragedy

Urge Louisiana Tech to make the compassionate decision to discontinue live-animal mascot programs.

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