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Demand Justice for Dogs Beaten to Death in Guyana!

Highly disturbing video footage reportedly filmed in Guyana in November 2013 shows multiple dogs as they are beaten to death by a group of men wielding clubs. The dogs were allegedly involved in an attack on a nearby resident, but they were confined to small hutches and posed no immediate threat at the time of their killings. These actions would explicitly violate Guyana animal welfare laws, which prohibit “maliciously kill[ing], maim[ing] or wound[ing] any dog.” Local animal advocates apparently pushed regional authorities to charge the killers, but to no known avail. CAUTION: This footage is extremely graphic. Your voice is desperately needed!

Please urge officials in Guyana to bring the responsible parties to justice and to implement humane animal control protocols. And please forward this alert far and wide!

Polite e-mails can be sent to:
His Excellency Donald Rabindranauth Ramotar
President of the Republic of Guyana

The Honorable Clement Rohee
Minister of Home Affairs, Government of Guyana

The Honorable Mohabir Anil Nandlall
Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Government of Guyana

Commissioner Leroy Brummell
Guyana Police Force

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