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Urge Wisconsin State Fair Organizers to Cancel Sea Lion Exhibit!

Please join PETA today in urging fair organizers to remove animal exploitation and public endangerment from the lineup!

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Victory! Rhode Island Bans Bullhooks

Governor Gina Raimondo just made Rhode Island the first state in the nation to legally ban the use of bullhooks!

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Boulder’s Prairie Dogs Desperately Need Your Voice!

Please take a moment to e-mail the city officials and urge them to preserve the Colorado National Guard Armory site!

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Bear Cubs, Lions Hit, Chained, and Deprived in the Chinese Circus Industry

PETA Asia found appalling abuse, decrepit living conditions, and animals suffering on a massive scale in the Chinese circus industry. Take action now!

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Tell This Dallas Mall to Stop Supporting the Cruel UniverSoul Circus!

Ask Southwest Center Mall officials to keep UniverSoul out until the circus makes the humane decision to nix all animal acts.

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URGENT: Tiny Marsupials Need Your Voice Today! ©

URGENT: Tiny Marsupials Need Your Voice Today!

Please ask Motor City Comic Con, the MHRV Show Association, and the Connecticut Home & Remodeling Show to keep Pocket Pets out of their events.

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Backyard Brains: Stop Mutilating Cockroaches!

Tell the cofounder of Backyard Brains to stop selling live animals and cruel surgery kits.

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Urge These Travel Companies to Stop Promoting Cruel Elephant Rides TODAY

Please, speak up for abused, exploited elephants today by urging Classic Journeys, Goway Travel, and SITA World Tours to stop offering elephant rides!

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Chicks Dropped Live Into Mincer at Chicken Supplier of Kroger, Arby’s

PETA’s eyewitness video shows how chicks suffer before they are killed at a chicken supplier to Kroger, Arby’s, and others. Take action now!

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Speak Out Against Hog Wrestling in Crivitz, Wisconsin!

Urge Crivitz, Wisconsin officials to put all hog wrestling into a permanent choke hold now!

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Urge Tri-State Zoo to Retire Animals to Reputable Sanctuaries!

Urge Tri-State to close its doors and surrender the animals it confines to reputable sanctuaries.

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Tell Dade City’s Wild Things: Tiger Cubs Belong With Their Mothers!

Tell this roadside zoo to stop stealing cubs from their mothers!

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Nosey Needs Help in Ohio!

Please join us in urging the event’s decisionmakers to do right by Nosey, cancel her appearances, and send Liebel packing!

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Tell Air Force Cadets to Stop Beating Rabbits to Death!

Please urge the superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy to replace the use of animals in expeditionary survival and evasion, or “sustenance,” training exercises with non-animal training methods.

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Help Animals Suffering in University of Utah Laboratories

Urge the university to release to the public complete records on all taxpayer-funded animal experiments at the University of Utah.

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