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Urge Bands to Bail on SeaWorld’s ‘Praise Wave’ Concert!

Please ask Francesca Battistelli and Skillet to set an example by canceling their performances at Praise Wave.

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Speak Out Against Animal Giveaways! © Image Source Limited

Speak Out Against Animal Giveaways!

Please join PETA in urging Paradise Amusements to implement a policy against live-animal giveaways—then forward this alert far and wide!

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Mike VI Is Dead: Tell LSU to Stop Exploiting Tigers!

Urge LSU officials to make Mike VI the last of the school’s live mascots.

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Urge Spring River Park & Zoo to Retire Bears and Mountain Lions to Reputable Sanctuaries!

Speak up today and urge Spring River Park & Zoo to close its concrete pits and surrender the bears and mountain lions to reputable sanctuaries!

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Speak Out Against Torture of Bulls During Annual Festival!

Please urge the mayor of Tlacotalpan to enforce the ban on torturing animals during the Candelaria festival.

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URGENT: Decry release of 98 doves in Pasadena, California!

Please urge AHF to utilize other means of commemoration in the future, rather than resorting to those which result only in more suffering.

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Einstein Bros. Bagels, Please Add Vegan Cream Cheese!

Please sign the petition asking Einstein Bros. Bagels to introduce vegan cream cheese.

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Tell the FDA That Animal Tests Aren’t Needed to Prove Rubbing Alcohol Safe!

The agency calls for testing antiseptic rubs with a long history of safe use by humans.

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Urge Avon to Stop Paying for Cruel Tests on Animals in China © Vishnevskiy

Urge Avon to Stop Paying for Cruel Tests on Animals in China

Let Avon know that you won’t buy its products until it stops paying for animal tests.

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Urge Global Retailer TJX to Stop Selling Angora and Fur

TJX is still selling items made from angora wool and fur. Urge the international retailer to stop now.

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Ask American Greetings to Stop Selling Chimpanzee Cards

Contact the company’s executives and tell them that all cards featuring chimpanzees and other great apes are offensive and harmful and should be pulled off shelves immediately.

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These Aren’t Just Any U.K. Chicken Farms …

See how chickens are treated on chicken farms that supply a major U.K. grocery chain Marks & Spencer with so-called “humanely raised” meat.

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Urge Officials to Keep Animals Out of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi!

Please urge officials in Abu Dhabi to ensure that SeaWorld is not allowed to set up shop unless it doesn’t hold any animals captive at its new park.

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Urge The Sharper Image to Pull Primate Ads

Please send a polite note to The Sharper Image urging it to follow the lead of other companies by agreeing to pull these offensive ads.

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Urge Campfire Marshmallows to Cut Ties With ‘Cruelest Show on Earth’!

Please speak up TODAY and urge Campfire Marshmallows to throw water on its partnership with Ringling.

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