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Action Center

Eric Deardorff

Outreach coordinators work closely with activists throughout North America to support their activism work and engage them on PETA campaigns.

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Get Gardein at Your Grocery Store!

Gardein is the plant-based protein source that’s sweeping the nation. Are you dying to try it for yourself? Simply ask your local grocer to carry it!

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15 Most Memorable PETA Mascots

Chickens, condoms, and bears—oh my! Here are 15 of PETA’s most memorable mascots.

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Ask Ambassador Doer to Help End the Canadian Seal Slaughter ©Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Ask Ambassador Doer to Help End the Canadian Seal Slaughter

Send a message to Gary Doer, Canada’s ambassador to the U.S., and ask him to request an immediate end to the seal slaughter.

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Activist Spotlight: Cristina Fernandez

Recently, a remarkable activist in Florida saw some animals in need, and she jumped in to help!

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PETA Mermaids at Coney Island

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade was the perfect opportunity to teach people about compassion for sea life!

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15 YouTube Comments That Will Inspire You

YouTube comments can be soul-crushing, but these are downright inspiring.

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Terrans for the Ethical Treatment of Zerglings

At the StarCraft II launch event in Irvine, California, we showed that even space aliens deserve our respect.

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Ashley Byrne

Campaigners spearhead a specific campaign or set of campaigns and travel the country leading demonstrations and tabling events and pushing PETA’s campaigns forward by pressuring targets.

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Casey Tustin

Action Team coordinators are responsible for working with activists all across North America to spread the word about animal rights.

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