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Activist Spotlight: Melissa de Meulles

When it comes to wrangling animal abusers, the rodeo is no match for Melissa de Meulles. PETA’s latest activist spotlight features Melissa and her successful campaign to buck the …

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5 Ways to Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Make this St. Patrick’s Day green for you, the planet, and animals.

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CHALLENGE: Share ‘Circuses in 60 Seconds’ With a Friend

YOU know that circuses are bad for animals, but what about your friends? Share our new shocking circus video on Facebook now.

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‘Be Sweet’ With Valentine’s Day Gift Tags!

Do you want Valentine’s Day to be chock-full of love? Check out these “Be Sweet to Animals” tags, which will make your sweetie AND animals happy!

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Dogs Being Killed for Leather NEED Your Help

What if your leather gloves were actually made of dog skin? Sadly, that may be the case—but you can HELP change this!

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Make a #PETA2015 New Year’s Resolution to Help Animals!

The year is coming to a close, and people are deciding on their goals for the one ahead. This year, make a resolution to help animals!

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What to Say to Someone Wearing Fur (Video)

Worried that you’ll get a little tongue-tied when speaking with someone wearing fur? Here are some tips on how to make the most of every interaction!

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12 Ways to Help Animals This Holiday Season!

Check out our comprehensive list of ways to help animals this holiday season!

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Holiday Gifts for Animals! © Randi Fair

Holiday Gifts for Animals

Are your friends and family asking you what to get you this holiday season? Here are some animal-friendly suggestions for you to post on social media!

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Spread the Word about #WoolFreeWinter

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and many people still don’t know that buying wool supports the torturing and killing of sheep. Please help them!

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