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11 Ways to Help Animals With Your Holiday Shopping

Do you shop? Do you like helping animals? Well, thanks to these compassionate programs, you can do both at the same time! From your Amazon shopping cart to your …

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PETA’s Holiday Survival Guide for Vegans

Check out PETA’s holiday survival guide for tips to help you have the perfect vegan holiday!

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Make Fur-Free Friday the Biggest Vegan Shopping Day of the Year ©dollarphotoclub/scrapster

Make Fur-Free Friday the Biggest Vegan Shopping Day of the Year

This holiday season, it’s time to get into the cruelty-free spirit and urge others to turn Black Friday into the biggest vegan shopping day of the year!

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Why Hamburgers Should Be Illegal

Listen to PETA President Ingrid Newkirk slam SeaWorld, question super models’ diets and praise Barbie.

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Spread the Word that Military Animal Abuse Is Un-American

Speak up and help save animals from being shot, stabbed and mutilated by the U.S. military in cruel trauma training exercises.

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How Can You Help Captive Orcas in 60 Seconds?

Orcas in marine theme parks need your help. Here’s what you can do to help orcas in 60 seconds or less.

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15 Disturbing Dissection Photos That Students Posted on Instagram

Dissection teaches the wrong lessons—and these photos really show it.

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Throw a Penalty Flag on ‘Humane Meat’

Score a game-winning touchdown for animal rights by tackling the “humane meat” myth.

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8 Steps for Lobster Liberation!

Never heard of lobster zone machines? Learn what they are and how to help lobsters stuck in grocery store tanks and lobster zone machines.

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7 Reasons You and Your Friends Should Adopt

For every animal who’s purchased, another loses a chance at being adopted from a shelter. Here’s how to make sure that your friends always adopt.

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