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Meet PETA and the PETA Foundation Staff: Lori

Lori KettlerLori Kettler
PETA Foundation’s Senior Regulatory Counsel

I moved to Norfolk ten years ago with my three rescued cats and one rescued iguana in order to work for PETA. I now work for the PETA Foundation from my home in Burlington, VT, with my one rescued dog, three rescued cats, and two rescued guinea pigs at my side. I spend my days—as do the thirteen other attorneys in the Foundation’s Legal Department—ensuring that PETA’s researchers are provided with access to public records, that its activists can demonstrate and leaflet against industries that abuse animals, that government agencies fulfill their duties to protect animals, and that animal abusers are punished by the criminal justice system. My “clients” have included seven polar bears who were trucked through the heat of Central America by a traveling circus, macaques who were denied emergency veterinary care in a drug-testing facility, and chickens in a slaughterhouse who were used as “punching bags” by the facility’s workers. No other work environment provides as much support to make a difference for animals as the PETA Foundation’s does. I’ve never looked back.