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The PETA Foundation’s Major Gifts Department: Helping PETA Fund Its Lifesaving Efforts

The PETA Foundation’s Major Gifts Department works diligently behind the scenes to give each PETA department all the funding that it needs to help animals. Identifying prospective donors; encouraging, negotiating, and facilitating monetary and property donations; promoting planned giving (such as the inclusion of PETA in estate plans); and working to cultivate and maintain relationships with donors are just some of the ways that this hands-on, exciting department works to maximize fundraising potential.

A leader among nonprofits with regard to efficient use of funds, PETA is dedicated to making every dollar count. We’re proud of the fact that we funnel almost 85 percent of our funding directly back into programs to help animals. The Major Gifts Department of the PETA Foundation makes PETA’s work possible by securing the funding that PETA needs for its livesaving campaigns.

The Foundation’s Major Gifts Department is one of the reasons that we’re able to continue our round-the-clock work to help animals who are suffering and dying in laboratories, on factory farms, in the fur industry, in circuses, and in other forms of “entertainment.” This dynamic and vital department is looking for outgoing and motivated professionals for a variety of positions.

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