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The PETA Foundation’s Interactive Media Group: Bringing PETA’s Message to Millions

IMG is responsible for developing, designing, and maintaining PETA’s Web sites and helping us draw an amount of traffic that most companies or organizations pay millions of dollars for. PETA’s sites are visited by more than 37 million people each year. Developing, designing, and creating attractive and effective Web content as well as maintaining and updating existing Web sites on a daily basis are just some of the ways that this fast-paced department helps PETA meet campaign goals and bring animal suffering into the spotlight.

Thanks to IMG, PETA is able to reach and educate millions of people and help them get active for animals who are suffering and dying in laboratories, on factory farms, in the fur industry, in circuses, and in other forms of “entertainment.” Are you a dedicated and talented Web or software professional looking for a fun and rewarding position? Apply to be part of the team today!

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