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PETA & PETA Foundation Benefits


60* days-23 months of employment        Accrues at 0.219 hours a day

24-59 months of employment  15 days   Accrues at 0.329 hours a day

60+ months of employment    20 days    Accrues at 0.438 hours a day
Sick Leave: Accrues at 3.08 hours per pay period*Staff members begin accruing paid time off on the first pay date that includes the 60th day of employment. Staff members begin accruing sick leave on their first day of employment.

Holidays12 days per year, including one birthday holiday
PayrollBiweekly (26 pay periods per year)
TrainingPETA/FSAP is committed to the professional development of staff members by offering a variety of in-house training courses.
LunchesThree subsidized vegan lunches per week are provided in all offices.
Pet PlanStaff members are eligible for a 15 percent discount on Petplan insurance if you enroll online.
DiscountsAll staff members are entitled to an additional 30 percent discount off member prices for PETA merchandise.
BenefitsNew staff members will be eligible for these benefits on their 60th day of employment. For example, if a staff member starts on May 1, 2016, they will be eligible for health insurance and flexible spending account benefits on June 30, 2016.

  • United Healthcare: Three plans are offered, and all provide medical and prescription.
  • Guardian: This is a PPO plan and provides coverage for dental care.
  • EyeMed: Separate stand-alone plan that provides vision coverage.
  • Discovery Benefits: Three pre-tax FSA plans (Medical, Dependent & Transportation) are offered. DC area transportation are administered by HR through WMATA’s system.
  • Mutual of Omaha: Life/Accidental Death insurance policy, Long Term Disability, and Short Term Disability (not available for CA staff) coverage.   Premiums are provided at a group rate and are taken post-tax thru payroll deduction.
401(k) Staff members are eligible to enroll at open enrollment after one year of service if 21 years of age or older. Effective April 1, 2013 employer match is a rate of 25% of your salary deferral, to a maximum of 2% of your Gross Annual Salary. Staff members are fully vested after 6 years of employment. The plan offers numerous different investment options.    
OtherThe consumption and wearing of animal products in PETA offices is prohibited. A “No Smoking” policy is in effect in PETA offices.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

PETA/FSAP Benefits

(frequency of services is once/12 months)

Exam – $10 copay

Frames – $100 allowance or $115 on contact lenses

Standard plastic lenses – $25 copay

Guardian Dental   

100/90/60% in-network benefit

100/80/50% out-of-network

(preventive/basic/major services)

Costs (per pay period)
Employee + Child(ren)$11.64
Employee + Spouse$15.45
Employee + Family$21.62
Costs (per pay period)
Employee$  2.55
Employee + Child(ren)$ 5.10
Employee + Spouse$ 4.85
Employee + Family$ 7.49

Medical –Three choices are available through United Healthcare:

TraditionalStandard HRAHigh Deductible with HSA
Preventive Care0% (Plan pays 100%, deductible does not apply)0% (Plan pays 100%, deductible does not apply)0% (Plan pays 100%, deductible does not apply)
Physician’s Office

PCP – $25 copayment

Specialist – $50 copayment

20% after Deductible – PCP or Specialist20% after Deductible – PCP or Specialist
Urgent Care$50 copayment20% after Deductible20% after Deductible
Emergency Room$300 copayment20% after Deductible20% after Deductible
Inpatient Hospital Stay$300 per day up to maximum of $1,500 per stay.20% after Deductible20% after Deductible
Major Diagnostics (CT, MRI) and outpatient surgery20% after Deductible20% after Deductible20% after Deductible

$500  Individual

$1,000 Family

(Member copayments do not accumulate towards Deductible)

$2,000 Individual

$4,000 Family

(Subsidized by HRA: $750 Employee; $1,000 Employee and dependents after you meet the first portion of the deductible)

$2,600 Individual

$5,200 Family

(Subsidized by HSA: $200*)

**Includes pharmacy

Out-of-Pocket Maximum

$3,000 Individual

$6,000  Family

(Member copayments do contribute towards OOP Max)

$2,500 Individual

$5,000 Family

$4,000 Individual

$8,000 Family


$1,000  Individual

$2,000  Family

$3,000 Individual

$6,000 Family

$4,000 Individual

$8,000 Family


40% after Deductible

(ER covered at 100% after $300 copayment)

40% after Deductible


40% after Deductible
Out-of-Pocket Max

$5,000 Individual

$10,000 Family

$6,000 Individual

$12,000 Family

$8,000 Individual

$16,000 Family

Rx Coverage Deductible

$100 Individual / $300 Family

Copayment $10/35/70

$100 Individual / $300 Family

Copayment $10/35/70

Medical Deductible must be met then

Copayment $10/30/50


Costs (per pay period)
Employee + Child(ren)$305.77$244.90$178.57
Employee + Spouse$338.08$267.69$218.03
Employee + Family$476.92$397.96$313.54

***HRA & HSA funding is prorated monthly, based on the number of months remaining in the plan year