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PETA Complaints About Cruel Military Goat Labs Prompt Citation, Warnings

June 2012

In April 2012, PETA provided the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Virginia Beach Zoning Administration (VBZA) with disturbing video footage taken by a whistleblower during a trauma training session conducted by military contractor Tier 1 Group for members of the U.S. Coast Guard showing live goats who were stabbed, shot, and dismembered.

Following official complaints from PETA about this disturbing video footage, which showed Tier 1 Group instructors failing to provide adequate anesthesia to goats who were stabbed and cut into, the USDA cited and issued an official warning to Tier 1 Group for violating the federal Animal Welfare Act. In addition, prompted by PETA’s complaint, the VBZA sent a letter of warning to the owner of the property where the training allegedly took place, notifying him that these exercises are not permitted there and that legal action may be pursued against him if such unauthorized activities are conducted on the land in the future.