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New Jersey Education Group Denounces Donkey Basketball

January 2002

When a New Jersey activist called us for help in persuading the Monmouth, New Jersey, Education Association (NJEA) to ban donkey basketball, we eagerly provided her with materials explaining why donkey basketball is cruel to the animals and a harmful spectacle for children. In addition, we wrote to the president of the NJEA and sent a copy of the letter to every county association in the NJEA as well as to local media.

The NJEA passed a resolution to urge all local and county schools and affiliated organizations not to host donkey basketball games. Shortly thereafter, an article was published about the resolution in a newsletter. It stated, “The actions of adults speak louder than their words. Donkey basketball games desensitize our youth to the plight of animals. The mistreatment of these animals cannot be justified by human enjoyment or financial profit.”