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Kroger and Albertson’s Follow Safeway’s Lead in Setting Humane Standards

April 2002

PETA had petitioned Kroger and Albertson’s to improve farmed-animal welfare but without success. When Safeway agreed to make improvements, PETA wrote to its main competitors. Two weeks later, both Kroger and Albertson’s agreed to follow Safeway’s lead.

The Idaho Statesman reported, “A week after being targeted by an animal-rights group, Albertson’s Inc., along with its main competitor, Kroger Co., have agreed to adopt stricter guidelines covering how animals are used or processed for food … The Albertson’s announcement comes just two weeks after Safeway also agreed to adopt the new standards and to hold unannounced inspections of slaughter houses that supply the company. Safeway had been targeted for several months by PETA, which had been picketing the stores and urging customers to boycott the company.”

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