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China Southern Airlines Stops Shipping Monkeys to Laboratories

March 2014

Following three years of campaigning  by PETA and its international affiliates, China Southern Airlines announced to PETA that it has banned all shipments of primates to laboratories. Prior to its announcement, China Southern Airlines was the only airline still shipping monkeys from China to laboratories in the United States. Documents reveal that the airline shipped more than 2,500 monkeys to U.S. laboratories in 2013. China Southern announced its policy change after more than 100,000 compassionate people e-mailed and called the airline and after PETA purchased stock in the company, placed a billboard outside the airline’s cargo office at Chicago O’Hare, and after PETA and its international affiliates conducted dozens of protests outside China Southern offices and at airports in Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Taiwan, Tokyo, Bangkok, and elsewhere.