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Alpha Chi Omega Bans Greased Pig Contest

April 2003

PETA learned that four sororities at the University of Texas at Arlington had participated in a greased-pig contest, which was held as a fundraiser for local charities. News reports indicated that the terrified pig was covered in petroleum jelly and repeatedly grabbed at and mishandled, “kicking and squealing,” by the participants. Pigs used in these cruel contests often suffer torn ligaments and broken bones.

PETA contacted the chapter president of each sorority along with university officials to explain the cruelty of such events. We also contacted each sorority’s national headquarters to ask that they ensure that appropriate action be taken. As a result, the national headquarters of Alpha Chi Omega alerted the local chapter that it is not to participate in this or similar events in the future. In addition, the Panhellenic Council at the university adopted a bylaw requiring the council’s approval on any proposed events involving animals