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1-800-FLOWERS Stops Selling Cruel “Enchanted Tranquil Garden”

April 2001

PETA was inundated with e-mail messages and calls of concern about a product being sold by 1-800-FLOWERS called “Enchanted Tranquil Garden.” Many of the callers told us they had received the product, a vase containing a betta fish and a plant, as a gift and that the fish had arrived dead!

We immediately wrote to the CEO of 1-800-FLOWERS to explain the inherent cruelty in the product and to ask that the company stop selling it. We also added 1-800-FLOWERS to our existing action alert that consists of retailers who sell similar cruel fish-in-a-vase-type products.

After hearing from us and all those who wrote in response to the action alert, 1-800-FLOWERS decided to stop selling the product.