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Success Stories

Wherever animals are in need, PETA is there, giving a strong voice to those who can’t speak for themselves—a voice for the billions of chickens trapped on factory farms, a voice for the mice and rats tortured in labs and unprotected by even a single federal law, a voice for the millions of chinchillas who live in misery and suffer horrific deaths, a voice for baby elephants stolen from their mothers and beaten to perform, and a voice for “backyard dogs,” sentenced to life outdoors at the end of a chain, forgotten and alone. We see the forest and the trees, and we work wherever we can to eliminate suffering.

Our methods are as varied as the animals we protect and the myriad ways that people abuse them. The following are a few examples:

  • PETA sends undercover investigators into slaughterhouses and laboratories to document the rampant abuse there.
  • PETA works with legislators, prosecutors, government officials, the scientific community, corporations, and grassroots activists to stop abusive practices.
  • PETA passes out information and shows graphic videos of animal abuse on street corners. We talk to people one-on-one to show them alternatives to cruelty.
  • PETA works with celebrities on high-profile campaigns and garners millions of dollars in free ad placements each year as well as countless pages and hours of free media coverage through eye-catching, often provocative demonstrations.
  • PETA sends fieldworkers into our surrounding community to take warm doghouses, straw bedding, toys, and treats to animals suffering at the hands of neglectful humans and to offer free and low-cost spay-and-neuter services to families in need.

Discover more ways that PETA helps animals and how you can help.