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My neighbor keeps threatening to hurt my companion animals. How can I stop him?

By keeping your animals safe indoors with you! Those who permit their animals to roam the neighborhood, defecate on others’ property, or bark all day put their animals at risk of being harmed. Don’t wait for a visit from animal control, for a court summons, or, worst of all—for frustrated neighbors to take the “law” into their own hands. Take threats seriously—don’t assume your neighbor is bluffing. Your animal will pay a high price in suffering if you’re wrong! If your animal has already been injured, please click here for information on seeking justice.

Keep your animals out of harm’s way by following these guidelines:

• Follow local and state public health, animal control, and animal cruelty laws, and ensure that your animals have all legally required licenses and vaccinations.

• Pick up waste regularly, and dispose of it properly to eliminate odors.

• Don’t allow your animals outside unsupervised. If your cat roams the neighborhood or your dog spends all day outdoors alone in a yard, bring them inside. Cats and dogs alike should only be allowed outside into a securely fenced yard or on a leash, with you there to keep a careful watch over them.