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I’ve discovered that a company in the cruelty-free section harms animals in other ways. Why is it still included on the list?

Because there are so many ways in which companies may be involved in harming animals, it’s virtually impossible to compile a list of companies that are 100 percent cruelty-free. For example, a company that doesn’t test on animals may make a corporate donation to the American Cancer Society, a charity that funds animal experiments; a manufacturer that doesn’t harm animals may start an advertising campaign that uses animals; or a company that opposes animal testing may do a publicity event with a circus. The possibilities are endless. PETA is opposed to all animal use, so this is a tough call for us.

It is impossible for us to keep track of all these things, and unfortunately, we could probably find an objection with almost every company. Therefore, we have decided to maintain the cruelty-free company section based solely upon a company’s animal-testing policies. However, we continue to fight for the rights of animals through our campaigns and activities and always encourage people to take a close look at the companies that they support.