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Do you have any suggestions for keeping up with all the hair that my cat sheds?

The easiest way to reduce the amount of hair everywhere is to groom your cat every day. I like to use a metal comb, but wire brushes work well, too.


There are vitamin supplements available at pet shops and from veterinarians that also can help by providing omega-3 fatty acids to strengthen the coat. 


If the shedding becomes so severe that your cat is getting sick from excessive hairballs, you can have him or her professionally clipped during the spring or summer months, when cats shed the most. A severely matted coat should also be professionally clipped or “shaved.” However, a cat who is brushed or combed daily should not get mats.


You can easily remove cat hair from your furniture by putting a latex or rubber glove on your hand and rubbing it over the upholstery. Lint and hair removers (tools covered with double-sided tape or a fabric with a gripping nap) also work well. Place quilts or throws over furniture that your cat lies on frequently, so they can easily be taken up and washed. Spraying a fine mist on your carpet as you vacuum helps remove the cat hair there.