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Do you approve of electric fences and shock collars?

Electronic fences and shock collars electrically shock dogs when they cross an invisible line, bark, or don’t respond to a command. These cruel devices physically hurt animals and can cause severe psychological problems as well. Companion animals should not have to live in fear of receiving electric shocks for normal behavior, such as barking. Positive training methods, in which dogs are rewarded for what they do right, are kinder and more effective.

Dogs trained with shock collars and electric fences may develop fears of or aggression aimed at what they BELIEVE is the source of the shock (kids riding by on bikes, the mailman, the dog next door, etc.). Dogs have been known to run through electric barriers when frightened by fireworks or chasing a squirrel, and then are scared to cross back through the barrier.

It’s also worth noting that while electric fences may keep your dog inside the yard, they do nothing to protect your companion from other roaming dogs, cruel humans, or other animals who can freely enter the property.