An Open Letter to REI Employees About Duck and Goose Down

We want you to know why we are urging the company to stop selling down and also hope that you will encourage your employer to do what’s right.

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PETA Calls a Foul on the Use of Live-Animal Sports Mascots

Popular HBO sports show Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel delved into the world of live-animal mascots.

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PETA Asks Obama to Cancel Annual Turkey ‘Pardon’

By participating in the turkey “pardon,” Obama is supporting an industry that slaughters animals, endangers the environment, and harms people’s health.

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17 Reasons Why Crabs Are Cooler Than You Thought

Number 7 is my personal favorite.

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Vegetarian Stars Featured on PETA Stamps

Vegetarian stars lend their famous mugs to PETA’s latest stamp collection.

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Topless Mermaid Makes a Splash in Seattle—Cops Carry Her Out

Activists went a little further today to fight for fish at Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market.

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Photos of the Day: Cutest, Saddest Protest Ever

A sea of “sheep” and “cows” expose the horrors behind Australia’s live-export trade.

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