H&M Halts Angora Production

After being made aware of video footage from angora farms in China, H&M has announced that it is halting the production of angora products.

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PETA Presents: Terrific Gifts That Help Animals

Instead of settling on yet another gift card or scented candle, give your friends and family a cool gift with a great purpose—a PETA Present!

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Be an Angel for a Cold Dog

For lonely “backyard dogs,” PETA’s “Angels for Animals” program is life-changing! Be an “angel” and change a life by supporting our doghouse program today.

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How to Wear Vegan

Vegan clothes and vegan shoes are easier to come by than ever before—and they’re more fashionable, too. Use this guide to learn how to wear vegan!

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Strongest Man’s Thanksgiving Message

Patrik Baboumian is asking his American friends to do one simple thing this Thanksgiving.

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A Convenient Truth: Al Gore Goes Vegan ©StarMaxInc.com

A Convenient Truth: Al Gore Goes Vegan

After years of talking about climate change, Al Gore is practicing what he preaches and going vegan to save the Earth.

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Yes! Government Moves to Reduce Captive Bears’ Suffering

More than a year ago, PETA petitioned the USDA to improve conditions for captive bears. Please express your support for bears by submitting a comment.

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