Saved From Electrocution, Chinchillas Seek a Home

Two of the more than 400 chinchillas rescued from a California farm are at PETA’s shelter in Norfolk, Virginia, waiting for a new home. Extreme cuteness ahead!

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After 10 Years in Solitary, Monkey Gets ‘Parole’

A monkey travels from Indiana to Kentucky to Texas on her rescue odyssey.

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Why Are Fashionistas Flocking to PETA's Bob Barker Building?

PETA’s first-ever rooftop Vegan Fashion Shop-Up was a smash hit—proving that vegan fashion is the future.

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New York Forces Laboring Mothers to Give Birth in Public

People who use animals for entertainment often justify it as “educational”—as organizers of a disturbing exhibit at New York’s state fair are doing.

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No, These Elephants Aren’t Dancing

The spin put on “dancing” elephants at the Circus World Museum is … well, maddening.

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PETA President’s ALS ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ Response ©

PETA President’s ALS ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ Response

PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk has her own response to the popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Elephant Rides? Surely You Jest

Protesters ask, “What do elephants have to do with the Renaissance?”

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