SeaWorld Shareholders Bail

SeaWorld's shareholders are the latest to jump ship from the notorious marine abusement parks.

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Indianapolis Colt Antoine Bethea Wears Ink, Not Mink!

See PETA’s latest anti-fur ad and exclusive interview with NFL player Antoine Bethea. Real men choose ink, not mink!

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PETA Creates Safety-Awareness Magnets After Truck Wreck Kills 80 Pigs

PETA sends its first-ever driver safety awareness magnets to a pork producer in the wake of the latest wreck, which killed 80 pigs.

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Animals Saved by PETA Have Homes for the Holidays

Memory test! Do you remember these sweeties who were saved by PETA’s fieldworkers? Here’s an update on some recent rescues.

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Update: Rough Waters for SeaWorld: More Acts Bail ©

Update: Rough Waters for SeaWorld: More Acts Bail

REO Speedwagon can’t fight this feeling anymore, and neither can other big-name acts. They’ve all said, “See ya!” to SeaWorld.

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PETA Offers Provocative ‘Peas’ Pipe to Warring Oklahoma Faith Groups

We may have come up with a way to end Oklahoma’s holy wars.

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Be an Angel for a Cold Dog

For lonely “backyard dogs,” PETA’s “Angels for Animals” program is life-changing! Be an “angel” and change a life by supporting our doghouse program today.

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