PETA Helps Swedish Organization Save Animals From Chemical Tests © Kencredible

PETA Helps Swedish Organization Save Animals From Chemical Tests

With PETA’s help, a Swedish science organization is moving Sweden away from animal testing.

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Marshall the Cat, PETA's New Legal Aid

Wonder what the cats do at PETA all day? Fight for animal rights!

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What Does Every Dog Dream of Getting for Christmas?

Toys and treats are nice enough, but the “gift” that dogs want most of all is to spend the holidays—and every day—indoors with the rest of the family.

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Watch PETA in Action—Changing Lives One Backyard at a Time

Why did PETA drive 154,716 miles to visit 55 cities? Read on to find out, and join us as we set out on a new journey in 2014.

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Why You Shouldn't Buy Betta Fish

You won't believe what really happens to those awesome & beautiful BETTA FISH people sometimes win from carnivals.

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Apparently Confining Bears in Pits Isn’t Cruel Enough for Roadside Zoo

PETA sends an urgent complaint to the USDA after receiving heartbreaking photos of a white tiger imprisoned at the notorious Cherokee Bear Zoo.

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PETA Welcomes Tony Gonzalez To Hall Of Fame

PETA names Tony Gonzalez as first inductee in its new hall of fame!

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