SeaWorld Plans to Build Bigger Orca Boxes

In the face of PETA protests, “Blackfish” backlash, plummeting ticket sales, and tanking stock prices, SeaWorld grasps at straws.

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A Shocking Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Bullfight

From the moment a bull enters the ring, he’s doomed. Learn the truth about bullfighting.

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Update: Veterinarian Confirms Nosey the Elephant Is in ‘Ongoing Pain’

Federal authorities have the power to seize an ailing elephant named Nosey, but will they?

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Good News for Dolphins, Bad News for Fingers

A zoo visitor leaves a little bit of herself behind, plus other animals-in-entertainment news.

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Yabba, Dabba, Do … Not Eat Animals

A group of “Neanderthals” gives D.C. tourists some advice on ushering in the (N)ice Age.

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Victory! 19 Million Animals a Year Saved

Students in India will never be forced to choose between enrolling in science courses and staying true to their moral beliefs against cruelty to animals again.

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Dairy Farm's Shocking Secret Exposed!

After a disturbing tip, PETA visited a dairy farm and found emaciated cows in pain trudging through deep manure.

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