Strong Show of Support Outside Courthouse for Anti-SeaWorld Demonstrators

Several protesters, including mothers, teachers, and Russell Simmons’ assistant, appeared in court today to face arraignment. But they didn’t go alone.

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It's Condom Bowl XLVIII, featuring the Denver Fidos, a team of fwuffy wittle doggies who take on the Seattle Sexpots, a pack of giant condoms.

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Meet PETA’s Rescue Team and the Animals They Help

We will never turn our backs on the animals who need us the most. Here’s why.

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Beyoncé Is Crazy in Love With Vegan Food ©

Beyoncé Is Crazy in Love With Vegan Food

Beyoncé must have been happy with the results of her vegan cleanse because it looks like she’s going for round two.

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Victory! India Ends Tests on Animals for Household Products

Another important milestone has been achieved in the fight to end tests on animals worldwide.

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18 Images Big Dairy Doesn’t Want You to See ©

18 Images Big Dairy Doesn’t Want You to See

These photos will change everything you think you know about milk, cheese, and ice cream.

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The Best Super Bowl Ad You Didn’t See on Sunday

PETA’s amusing video teaches men how NOT to make a good first impression. Don’t be that guy!

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