How Would You Like to Have Your Fingertips Amputated?

The American Veterinary Medical Association has revised its policy on declawing to emphasize the seriousness of the surgery, referring to it as an “amputation” for the first time.

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Victory! 19 Million Animals a Year Saved

Students in India will never be forced to choose between enrolling in science courses and staying true to their moral beliefs against cruelty to animals again.

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8 Reasons Not to Let Nature Run Its Course (GRAPHIC)

Most of the kittens born this summer won’t even survive six months.

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Tyke the Elephant’s Last Day on Earth (VIDEO)

Twenty years ago, Tyke the elephant gave her last circus performance. Here’s how it all ended.

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A Monkey Walks Into a Lawsuit

PETA takes a side in the battle that has erupted over the rights to a selfie taken by a monkey in the jungle.

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‘Pets Ahoy’ and ‘Pets Rule!’ Shows Mean Even More Cruelty at SeaWorld

Exhibitor Joel Slaven has a long history of violating the Animal Welfare Act, including at all three SeaWorld facilities.

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Join Us In Celebrating World Elephant Day!

This World Elephant Day, we’re honoring the elephants who have found freedom and fighting for those who have not.

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