Marc Maron: Spaying and Neutering Saves Countless Animals’ Lives

Funnyman Marc Maron says that there’s no excuse for not having your animals spayed or neutered. Hear him make his case in this animated ad for PETA.

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Maker of Newport Cigarettes Bans Animal Tests © Jody Boyman

Tobacco Giant Bans Animal Tests

Lorillard Tobacco Company, America's third-largest cigarette maker, has agreed to ban testing on animals following discussions with PETA.

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Chilly Pup Has a Change of Luck

Ride along with a PETA fieldworker as she delivers straw to keep a sweet momma dog warm and rescues a puppy named JoJo. Warning: extreme cuteness ahead!

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Olympians Are Golden to the Sochi Strays

For several athletes, a medal isn’t the only thing they want to bring home from Sochi.

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NBC to Weir: Yes to Tiaras but No to Fur for Olympic Wardrobe

NBC told Johnny Weir to dress as flamboyantly as he wants—but to ditch his infamous furs. The network decision is a sign of the times.

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Pig Farmer Agrees, ‘No Such Thing as Humane Meat’ © Susan Riley Photography

Pig Farmer Agrees, ‘No Such Thing as Humane Meat’

A pasture-based pig farmer recently did something extraordinary: He decided that how he’s been making his living is unethical, and he quit and went vegetarian.

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PETA’s Open Letter to Hunter Who Shot Photographer

After a hunter accidentally shot a photographer, PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk urged him to make this his last innocent victim by hanging up his guns.

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