Anjelica Huston’s Memoir Reveals Her Animal Advocacy Began on Family Fox Hunts ©

Anjelica Huston’s Memoir Reveals Her Animal Advocacy Began on Family Fox Hunts

In A Story Lately Told, Oscar-winning animal advocate Anjelica Huston discusses her early qualms about her family’s hunting habits.

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15 Great Cruelty-Free Companies

These compassionate companies are some of the leading go-to brands for cruelty-free products.

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NBA Point Guard Ty Lawson Sports Ink, Not Mink!

Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson takes a strong stance against fur in his ad and interview for PETA.

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Major Food Retailers Are Pushing the Dairy Industry to Dump Dehorning

Thanks to PETA, Dunkin’ Brands, Chipotle, and other companies, more and more dairy farmers are beginning to phase out the cruel practice of dehorning.

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Olympic Athletes Medal in Compassion

From eating vegan to saving strays in Sochi, Russia, Olympians are on Team Animal.

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Chained Dogs Seen Through Google Glass

Would you like to see what our fieldworkers see? Well, you can, with our new Google Glass video.

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Alabama Schools Feeding Kids Terrified Mother Pigs!

ALABAMA SCHOOLS EXPOSED—A company cited by the federal government after being caught electro-shocking helpless mother pigs supplies sausage to Alabama schools.

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