The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell Shows Off His Decision to Wear ‘Ink, Not Mink’!

Winners don’t wear fur! See PETA’s anti-fur ad, and watch our exclusive interview with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ own Le’Veon Bell.

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Apple Offers Free ‘Seals Hero’ Game, Turns Down Seal-Hunting App

A free new iPhone app allows users to “save seals” in Canada.

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Meet Karen: 45 Years of Suffering in the Circus (Video)

Karen was captured as a baby 45 years ago and forced into the circus. Years of chaining and beatings have taken their toll. Will she ever be free?

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Celebrities Endangered by Tiger Trainer With a Record

Disgraced tiger trainer Karl Mitchell has flouted the law yet again by allowing actors and a supermodel to pose for photos with a young tiger.

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Trouble at Sea(World): Problems Mount as Dolphin Bites Girl

More citations, a child bitten by a dolphin, and protests galore—SeaWorld is getting exactly what it deserves.

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Photos of the Day: A Monkey Walks Into LAX …

Passengers preparing to board China Southern Airlines flights at LAX encountered some turbulence before they even got off the ground.

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Spay-a-Thon a Huge Success: 400 Dogs and Cats Get Snipped!

PETA celebrates World Spay Day and the debut of our new mobile clinic with a 24-hour spay-and-neuter marathon.

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