Michelin-Starred Eatery Earns ‘D’ for Diseased Ducks

After a swanky New York restaurant earns a shocking C grade from the health department, PETA issues an “inspection report” of our own.

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PETA Pal Morrissey Announces Tour Dates ©StarMaxInc.com

PETA Pal Morrissey Announces Tour Dates

Vegetarian icon Morrissey will tour the U.S. starting in May—please support him!

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PETA Germany Investigation Uncovers Turkey Torture

From artificial insemination to antibiotics, an investigation by PETA Germany uncovers the twisted process of getting turkeys from egg to plate.

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8,000 Animals Spared Chemical Tests

The EPA is scrapping two proposals that would have required toxicity tests for dozens of chemicals, sparing the lives of more than 8,000 animals.

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Boy’s Death Should Be the End of Petco’s Rodent Sales

PETA calls on Petco to stop selling rodents after a young customer dies of rat-bite fever.

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Eyewitness Reports Injured and Suffering Animals at Lazy 5 Ranch

Reportedly injured and suffering animals at a sleazy roadside zoo may now get the help that they need after a shocked visitor came forward.

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SeaWorld Beefs Up Security—but That Doesn’t Stop PETA

As the park trotted out several captive wild animals, six PETA members wearing “SeaWorld Kills” T-shirts rose, walked to the stage, and stood in silent protest.

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