Tell Animal Planet to cancel cruel ‘Call of the Wildman’ series

Speak up for wild animals now by urging Animal Planet to cancel ‘Call of the Wildman’!

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Horse Racing Video Exposé: Drugs and Death—Watch Now!

Horses drugged and forced to race or train despite their injuries—our firsthand account of their lives and deaths will shock you.

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PETA Bathing Beauties Crash Ag Day, Then This Happened

Sacramento officials mistakenly gave PETA permission to hold a demonstration at the same time and place as Ag Day 2014 and figured we’d reschedule. They clearly don’t know PETA.

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After Fish Tank Bursts, Restaurant Urged to ‘Think Outside the Tank’

After a giant fish tank bursts at the T-REX Cafe in Downtown Disney, PETA asks the restaurant to remove its aquariums and stop putting sensitive, intelligent animals on display.

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Molly Shannon Walks Mike White to Help Dogs Everywhere

To us, it’s a just funny video. But to our dogs, it’s their whole lives. A video that your dog really wants you to see.

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San Diego Mayor Makes Major Mistake

PETA members blast San Diego’s mayor for honoring SeaWorld’s 50 years of hurting animals.

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PETA and ACLU Sue Idaho Over 'Ag-Gag' Law

Idaho's new "ag-gag" law endangers animals, workers, and the First Amendment. So the ACLU, PETA, and numerous other groups are banding together to stop it.

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