Rob Thomas Helps PETA Catch Dogfighters—and More Celeb News ©

Rob Thomas Helps PETA Catch Dogfighters—and More Celeb News

In our weekly celebrity news round-up, Rob Thomas saves pit bulls from a fighting ring, David Letterman says there’s nothing funny about glue traps, and more.

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Vegan Recipes for Football Season

Whether or not you're a sports fan, you can still participate in the pre-game, halftime, and post-game football festivities with this vegan game-day grub.

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Live-Tweeting of Circus Highlights Cruelty Under the Bright Lights

Ringling Bros. circus gets quite a shock when PETA live-tweets a performance in order to help put the spotlight on animal abuse.

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Kimberly Elise: Educate Yourself, Don’t Pressure Yourself

After 10 years of being vegetarian, Kimberly Elise decided to “go full vegan” and has discovered many benefits to leading a cruelty-free lifestyle.

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Rescued! 420 Chinchillas Saved From Breeding, Fur Farm

After learning that a chinchilla breeder was planning on electrocuting hundreds of chinchillas if she couldn’t sell her business, PETA and Sam Simon stepped in to save them.

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PETA Goes to the ‘Execution Capital of the World’ to Ask for Clemency

With so much talk about botched executions, PETA wants to show people that death row inmates aren’t the only victims.

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Happy Endings for Roussette, Licorice, and Macey (Photos)

Where are they now? We catch up with three PETA rescues.

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