PETA International Science Consortium Gives Away $200,000 ©

PETA International Science Consortium Gives Away $200,000

The PETA International Science Consortium funds a project to replace the use of animals in inhalation tests.

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Why Animal Rights? © A Sanchez

Why Should Animals Have Rights?

Whether it’s based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or species, prejudice is morally unacceptable. If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a pig?

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Jane Goodall Asks UPS to Stop Shipping Animal Trophies ©

Jane Goodall Asks UPS to Stop Shipping Animal Trophies

The iconic African wildlife defender penned a letter to the company urging it to stop shipping the carcasses of exotic animals.

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‘Give Peas a Chance’ Banner Proposal Revisited Following Rejection

Even a tiny banner Is better than none to deliver the universal message that kindness is the best religion of all.

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What This Veterinarian Saw at SeaWorld Orlando Isn’t Pretty

Our veterinarian visited SeaWorld Orlando, and this is what she saw. It isn’t pretty.

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Victory! Everything Is About to Change for Chimpanzees in Laboratories ©

Victory! Everything Is About to Change for Chimpanzees in Laboratories

New regulation stops chimpanzees from being subjected to experiments in U.S. laboratories.

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India on Way to Banning Repeat Animal Tests for Drugs

India is set to ban repeat animal tests for new registrations of drugs approved abroad.

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Video: 11 Piglets Saved After Farmers Have a Change of Heart

Virginia farmers were planning to raise these piglets for meat, but then something wonderful happened.

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Babies Killed for Your Dinner: Can You Guess Their Age?

Learn how old animals used for food REALLY are when they’re killed to be put on your plate.

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PETA’s Walter Palmer Halloween Costume Lets Cecil the Lion Win

The costume features a plush lion taking a bloody bite out of the real-life killer.

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Ethical, Vegan Fashion Steals the Show at PETA’s Style-Studded Panel Event

PETA’s first-ever Vegan Fashion + Sustainability panel brought together pioneers in ethical fashion.

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Former M.A.C. Model Pamela Anderson Urges Company To End Animal Tests

Actor pens letter on behalf of PETA urging cosmetics giant to go cruelty-free again.

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