Turning Jeffrey Dahmer’s Legacy Around

Our proposal for serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home would be a lifesaver.

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Update: UniverSoul Circus Agrees to Provide Tigers With Exercise

New York City’s mayor and health department keep UniverSoul Circus’ cruel animal acts out of the city.

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More Stars Add Voices to Chorus Condemning NY Carriage Trade

“Thrones” actor Peter Dinklage joins Wendy Williams and other stars in a rousing video pointing to the end of NYC’s horse-drawn carriages.

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UPWORTHY: A Good Reason Not to Go to the Circus With Your Kids

The red-hot media site posts an important message about the cruelty hiding under the big top.

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Ducks Duke It Out on Pillow Fight Day

To show you how Pillow Fight Day is done, here are two of PETA’s fowl friends getting in the spirit!

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7 Vegan Words That You’re Saying Wrong

“Vee-gan” or “vay-gun”? “Temp-y” or “temp-ay”? We’re putting an end to the debate—right here, right now.

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PETA Brings the World Face-to-Face With the Seal Slaughter (Photos) ©Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

PETA Brings the World Face-to-Face With the Seal Slaughter (Photos)

When you look at this baby’s face, what do you see? A beautiful baby seal? Or dollar signs?

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