Thiago ‘The Pitbull’ Alves Speaks Out Against Dogfighting!

UFC fighter Thiago “The Pitbull” Alves uses his voice to fight against animal abuse in his ad and interview for PETA.

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Will This Year's Seal Slaughter Be the Last?

Canadian sealers have again taken to the ice to shoot and bludgeon baby seals. But with virtually no market remaining for seal fur, we have to ask: Why bother?

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Creative Chimpanzees Use Log to Bust Out of Kansas City Zoo

Chimpanzees share 98 percent of our DNA. And sometimes they prove to be even more creative than we are.

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Anthony Bourdain Breakthrough? ©

Anthony Bourdain Breakthrough?

Avowed carnivore Anthony Bourdain eats veg – and loves it.

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Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo and Friends Model PETA’s ‘SeaWorld Kills’ Shirt ©

Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo and Friends Model PETA’s ‘SeaWorld Kills’ Shirt

Wondering how to wear your “SeaWorld Kills” shirt? Behati Prinsloo and Valentina Zelyaeva show how it’s done.

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Embrace Kindness This Easter © Richter

Embrace Kindness This Easter

Extending compassion to all by going vegan is a great way to honor Jesus’ message of love.

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SeaWorld Fights to Get Trainers Back in Tanks and Fails

Important ruling signals an end to the days when trainers stood and rode on orcas for human amusement at SeaWorld.

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